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about cobs

Who we are, what we do, where we are from and where we are heading. For us, it is all about protecting staff working in buildings.


COBS originated in 1977 as a system integrator of paging systems. Since those early days, our focus has been on alarm and messaging solution for mission critical customers.

Over the years, our drive has been to integrate a variety of products from different providers into one great solution. We work with market leading suppliers, including Spectralink, Innovaphone, Zenitel and 2N, as well as our own brand. These important cooperations are the foundation to COBS' broad product portfolio. 

COBS is a proud member of Lagercrantz Group. 

Lagercrantz is a B2B value-creating technology group offering proprietary products and products from leading suppliers. The group consists of roughly 50 companies, each focusing on adding value in niches, i.e. offering specific  technologies, to specific customers in specific markets.




Our ambition is to deliver the best technical solution on the market and to provide first-rate service & support. We encourage our staff to be individual, flexible and customer-oriented, as well as endeavor to be quick and agile from idea to solution. While we strive to have a high level of independence, making our own decisions at every level within the organization, we maintain a sense of team spirit and integrity in all professional interactions.

COBS’ headquarters is situated in Gothenburg. We are proactively working with resellers and technology partners in Sweden and throughout Europe with a goal to expand further.

Marketing and sales

Our customers work inside buildings and require a safe and secure environment whenever and wherever they are in that building.

We find our customers mainly in the following vertical markets: personal security, healthcare, hotels, industrial/production, prisons and retail.

COBS has approximately 70 000 end-users protected by our solutions every day at roughly 5000 different facilities.

Our route to market is always done through resellers and/or distributors and partners both in Sweden and abroad. 

We aim to be in the top three suppliers in Europe for user-friendly solutions with high security protection for people in distress situations, regardless of where they are in a building.


COBS has built up a large network consisting of dedicated and skilled resellers in all our market segments.

To ensure that our products and services always have the highest quality, we strive to work closely with our partners. The partnership is a thorough exchange of knowledge and information from which both parties will benefit.


COBS has a close cooperation with resellers & partners that are specialized and technically trained in our wireless solutions. COBS' support and service department actively works with our partners with preventive actions to achieve the highest possible customers satisfaction.

  • Improvements & strong customer focus. We continuously test and verify the firmware from our main suppliers.
  • Short lead times. Our goal is to deliver complex solutions with as short delivery time as possible.
  • Expertise. Our staff has continuous training in order to be educated and skilled in sales, support, technical solutions and new trends
  • Cost efficiency. We always offer customized solutions.

We comply with the WEEE and RoHS directives.
In product development, we work with and make demands on our suppliers. Environmental and health hazardous products and waste are handled without risk to health or the environment.

COBS strives to set higher goals and standards regarding environmental issues than addressed in related laws and regulations. COBS is characterized by a green image which is based on employee commitment and participation.


Security is always our first priority.

Our R&D department strives to be in the forefront of our market and to be as innovative as possible.

Our goal

We provide wireless security solutions for people who work in buildings. Precise location technology in combination with userfriendly products. 


To be a well-known and established top 3 supplier of personal security applications in Europe—#1 in customer service and #1 in price vs value.


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Lagercrantz is a technology group that offers world-leading, value-creating technology, using either proprietary products or products from leading suppliers.
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