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CMS - Lenel On-Guard integration

Alarm and messaging integration between Lenel On-Guard and CMS

It is now possible to integrate the CMS and On-Guard system together via IP.

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With this IP-based connection is it possible to connect the two systems together via a sofware plugin in the On-Guard system developed by COBS.

This enables On-Guard customers anywhere to get all the best possible mobile staff protection solution. COBS solutions provides precise location technology built into products such as SMART1, DECT, Trace and A-Pager solutions.

Alarms and messages is received in the On-Guard client. The integration includes detailed information about where and when the alarm has been triggered. Messages can also be sent back to the devices in text format very much like a pager feature.

Additional with this "plug in" is it possible to receive information from almost any type of devices connected to the CMS into the On-Guard.

Read more about Lenel On-Guard here.


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