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Lynx - an app for critical communication

COBS Lynx app and backend system is developed for your safety enabling personal alarm and critical messaging on Android devices for use within WLAN and VoWiFi systems. It allows for critical messaging, such as pushbutton alarm, fire alarm and other critical messaging between users, as well as to/from interconnected systems via the COBS Messaging Server (CMS).

With Lynx you get cost-efficient solution including on-site serviceability resulting in a full control of the critical communication flow reducing the risk of downtime and external interference.

The solution is a perfect choice for staff security, lone workers, etc. in care homes, hospitals, heavy industry, prisons, and other institutions and premises where downtime and loss in critical communication isn’t an option.

The LYNX app

  • User friendly, distinct and color coded graphics provide quick and sharp view of any situation. Alerts can be grouped by priority, with the most important at the top.
    • Quick, near real-time handling of messaging, alarm with location information and control are the watchwords of this solution.
    • Predefined and standardized alarm presentation
  • Android enables you to combine Lynx with a variety of other Android apps such as electronic patient record, access control and workflow apps.
  • CMS enable you to integrate and combine a wide range of fixed or mobile alarm sources.

gränssnitt versity

Lynx + Versity VoWiFi smartphones

Lynx is a solution for Versity VoWiFi smartphones where internet connectivity may not be present (there is no dependency on internet or Cloud connectivity).

Using Lynx together with Versity 92-series gives you a very robust and cost-efficient solution when co-existence of more data driven, content-rich apps are needed and where DECT is not an option.

Lynx can also be used with the larger Versity 95/96-series of VoWiFi smartphones which beside the larger screen also adds a fully uninterrupted 24/7 communication thanks to Versity’s hot-swappable batteries. Users can exchange the battery while using an app like Lynx, or on a call, without the need for interruption such as a restart, login procedures and reload of apps. With the possibility of 24/7 use, being ruggedized (IP68) protecting the device against dust and waterproof, alarm button on top and walkie-talkie functionality the Versity 95/96 is the perfect work tool for the professional user.


Interesed in trying Lynx?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our sales team will help you!

The SMART1 from COBS just got a little smarter with Pie (aka Android 9)


Our smartphone, the SMART1, has many advantages thanks to its unique features which differentiate this phone from the ordinary smartphone. With SMART1, you get personal alarm features, Push-To-Talk (PTT), precise locationing, and a lot more. The platform, infrastructure and handset devices provide a self-contained and cost-efficient system with a radio coverage and end-to-end functionality that is owned and fully controlled by the customer. For these reasons, the SMART1 is often used in risk-exposed environments where safety and reliability are critical factors and of concern to the end-users and their organizations. SMART1 often gets appraisals for its user-friendly interface and precise location functionality which are essential features, for example, to a backup team to be able to locate a colleague in distress.

So, if you have a work environment where uninterrupted communication, personal safety and workflow are of top priority, then SMART1 might well be the smartest option for you.

In addition, SMART1 comes with Android 9, which provides a more powerful solution and enables significantly more workflow apps that benefit the user and the local organization.

Note that the SMART1 handset is compatible, on the DECT side, with COBS SMART DECT system but also the COBS CWS systems, as well as Spectralink's various DECT systems.

COBS introduces PAF+, a fall alarm transmitter


According to World Health Organization data, falls are the second cause of worldwide mortality from accidental injurie, and those over 65 are the main victims of this type of accident. There are 37.3 million falls annually that require medical attention.

This information represents a strong financial pressure on national health systems when their resources are increasingly tight.

A fall detection sensor can be an important part of a care system, providing greater security and independence to the user, facilitating the work of caregivers and family members and easing potential burden to service providers. For these reasons, COBS has extended the portfolio with PAF+, a small wristband alarm trigger that monitors people at risk of falling by detecting falls and automatically reporting them. Target users are, among others, older people, users with Parkinson´s disease and people with impaired mobility.

PAF+ is a well-integrated device into COBS ecosystem, a platform where you have full control of alarms and events, letting you know every detail in your installation and guaranteeing the most advanced care service in the socio-health world. In addition, PAF+ provides all the functionality of a standard PAT+ e.g. sending an alarm with the push of a button.

How it works

PAF+ is developed to detect hard falls in situations where the user cannot press the button after the fall, including:

  • Slipping and falling backwards
  • Falling due to loss of consciousness
  • Tripping on an object and falling forward

In case of a fall, PAF+ will detect it and send an alarm to a care unit, which will alert the staff.

Soft falls with impact limited by a hindering object or by the user catching himself, will not be detected by PAF+. However, the user can always send the alarm manually. Furthermore, it sends different alarm types, such as user alarm, low battery, or programmable auto test alarm, making it easier for the alarm receiver to identify the root cause of the alarm and respond accordingly.

Thanks to COBS bidirectional radio the user can recognize that the alarm has reached the receiver and the user can stay calm.

larm PAF

In combination with the introduction of the new PAF+ product, we further strengthen the competitive advantage of the COBS solution by offering the portable alarm transmitters, PAT, PAT+ and PAL+ with up to 25% reduced recommended end-user price.  



9009746 PAT Alarm Transmitter
9009747 PAT+ Alarm Transmitter with battery exchange possibility
9009748 PAL+ Alarm Locator with battery exchange possibility
9009766 PAF+ Alarm Transmitter w/ Fall sensor and batt. exchange possibility


If you have questions or want to know more about the COBS solutions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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