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SMART1 - implemented as a helping tool for staff at care and rehabilitation center

Aleris Mjörnviksholm is a care and rehabilitation center for adults with mental disabilities. Together with the Norwegian company, CareTech AS, they recently introduced SMART1 as a helping alarm and communication tool for the staff.

The former solution that was installed at Aleris Mjörnviksholm started to go out of time and couldn't meet all their needs. When choosing a new system, their focus was on alarm handling - with important demands and requirements, as for example:

  • All staff must be able to send and receive alarms
  • Position indication of the person triggering an alarm
  • Possibility to send two different types of alarm from handset - panic alarm and staff attack alarm (staff attack alarm directly transmitted to alarm center / guard). 
  • Integration to the existing fire alarm
  • Receiving acknowledgement to ensure that the alarm was successfully transmittedSMART1 checklist
  • Remote control to be able to handle software updates from a distance

Caretech AS developes digital welfare technology within healthcare and was acquired last year by Aleris Omsorg AS. Aleris has previous experience of COBS, and the SMART systemet became an interesting alternative - a stable and secure solution, adapted to today's technology.

SMART1 is designed for indoor environments, and can be used for sending/receiving alarms, as phone or a pager - a perfect tool for healthcare environment with several different types of alarm, and high demands on availability. To avoid mobile network disturbance, the SMART1 communicates on a dedicated frequency. The combination of Android and WiFi makes it possible to handle apps, just lika a traditional smartphone.



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