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Why SMART1 is unique

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How to use PTT

Did you know that the little Yellow button actually is a powerfull feature that can make you heard in all connected SMART1 devices instantly. Have you ever heard the communication in a airport for instance, they just push the button and every mobile radio that is listening to that channel gets the message. This is the same! It is possible to have all connected SMART1 in one large group, or you can have them configured in multiple groups. You can even choose with a dubble press on the Yellow button what group you would like to transmit to.


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Precise location detection

SMART1 has always precise location detection built in. Together with our powerful and precise location beacons you can get very precis location detection in almost any building. Precise enough for prisons and flexible enough for healthcare does it fit in almost any environment.

Always updated contacts

Did you know that a SMART1 always updates the contact book from the SMART Manager? We can make sure your contacts are always updated and always the same in all SMART1 phones. We can actually diffrentiate them into groups as well if you like.


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