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IP-DECT 400 system - now with increased capacity

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Run the system with up to 10 base stations. No server needed!

New opportunity to deliver feature rich and secure solutions to mid sized customers as well. The increase in capacity of the IP-DECT 400 makes it possible to deliver staff security and communcation based on the IP-DECT 400 to a broader range of customers.

The IP-DECT 400 perfectly integrates with the CMS for alarms and messages and aligns with the C-3100 series to make a great complete solution.
COBS DECT solutions protect people working in buildings. If you need security and 100% coverage, DECT is the most secure and effecient technology for voice and alarms.
Our IP-DECT 400 system is now supporting up to 10 base stations and 60 handsets (from earlier 30 handsets and 4 base stations). Making this a highly cost effective solution for a wider range of customers.




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