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The SMART1 just got a little smarter (and it will get even smarter!)

 Our DECT smartphone, the SMART1, has many unique advantages and is used by customers who require a defined radio coverage and reliable on-site voice, messaging and alarm connectivity. These customers operate in industries such as marine, security institutions, hotel and hospitality and elderly care.SMART1 Android ver.5

 SMART1 is appreciated for its user-friendly and content-rich user interface and see precise location functionality as an essential feature for the backup team to locate a colleague in distress. This is where the SMART1 platform from COBS provides an outstanding communication solution.

We recently made a few generic improvements and further developed the Push-To-Talk (PTT), locationing and messaging service to the platform.

“Our DECT platform, including SMART1 is used in risk-exposed environments where reliability on the wireless network and connected handsets is critical to the user. It's important that we are constantly looking for improvements to create a safer work environment for our users," says Mikael Hamlin, developer at COBS.

We continue to extend the SMART1 software in order to further satisfy our customers' expectations for the platform.

Keep an eye out for updates!

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