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Safe Zone - in collaboration with ParCom  

Imagine working in a risk exposed environment. For example, in a prison, psychiatric care facility or perhaps alone at a manufacturing site. In these environments, there is often a strong need to divide the working environment into safety zones, due to risk levels, such as safe office zones and less safe zones (e.g. patrol routes) where there may be a risk of assault, exposure to violence or being left hurt in a lone working situation.  

At COBS, we have developed a functionality that enables the wireless locationing system to be divided into safe and unsafe security zones. Automatic alarms will only trigger from a device when it’s located within pre-defined unsafe zones where, for example, a person:  

  • has fallen or dropped the device  
  • has been assaulted and is lying still for a certain period of time  
  • is running  
  • has the device stolen or pulled away. 

The back-up team will automatically receive a location of the triggered alarm for immediate locationing and support. COBS was able to develop this solution in record time based on end customer requirements and excellent collaboration with our partner ParCom Systems AG. 

Do you work in a risk exposed work environment and want to create a safe workplace through reliable and secure communication?  We are happy to assist you with our solutions.  

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