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COBS adds a virtual IP-DECT Server to the portfolio


Traditionally, DECT servers are an additional piece of hardware that must be included in any DECT mobility deployment. However, COBS has just released a unique software-only virtual IP-DECT server. The virtual-DECT server enables greater flexibility and scalability for DECT deployments, increases efficiency and reduces costs. 

Four benefits of a virtual IP-DECT Server

1. Single Common Point of Control for Multisite Enterprises

Centralizing virtual IP-DECT mobility networks provides a single common point of control that conforms to enterprise IT security standards and can be centrally configured, managed, and monitored for a reliable and future-proof network solution. Our new Virtual-DECT solution features a fast and secure web portal for administration, configuration and maintenance making it simpler than ever to manage large DECT deployment across multiple locations.

2. Quick, Virtual Installation
Software-only IP-DECT servers enable fast, virtual installation, can be deployed as a virtual appliance on existing hypervisor environments. This eliminates the need for separate hardware platforms, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

3. Easily Scale DECT Deployments
The introduction of virtual IP-DECT servers significantly improves the scalability of DECT mobility deployments, now enabling projects in multi building campuses with up to 100,000 users. As a result, large distributed enterprises can finally realize the benefits of simplified DECT deployments.

4. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
COBS virtual-DECT Server seamlessly integrates with all major UC/UCaaS SIP call control platforms and third-party applications without requiring advanced integration project saving time and reducing costs. The introduction of the virtual IP-DECT server responds specifically to the needs of enterprises that are consolidating their IT environments and enables businesses to scale their mobile networks without changing their existing hardware or security policies.

To learn more about the new Virtual-DECT Server, contact us to discuss how a virtual DECT server can save time and costs in your business.

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