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COBS Introducing AMIE, Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises

COBS is introducing its mobility intelligence platform, AMIE. A call performance and device health monitoring software for COBS DECT, VoWiFi or dual-mode VoWiFi/LTE devices. AMIE is designed for multisite organizations or larger deployments seeking to drive greater operational efficiency and high-performance mobile solutions. It was developed to help businesses optimize and improve their voice, messaging and alarm quality to their mobile workflows by providing clear visibility into mobile device and voice performance, turning system data into actionable insights.

COBS AMIE is a unique platform that enables visibility of call performance, user experience and device health of all devices within a customers’ network. AMIE also enables remote configuration and software upgrade capabilities which saves both valuable service costs and resources.

This means that users of COBS DECT, VoWiFi or dual-mode VoWiFi/LTE devices can enjoy a maintained high voice quality, system availability and call capacity for voice, messaging and alarms as their communication system and its performance is continuously being monitored with COBS AMIE.

AMIE is now available and can be added to our IP-DECT customers systems. It’s also available and can be deployed with our new range of Versity 92xx, 95 and 96xx series of professional VoWiFi and LTE devices.


COBS is at the forefront in enterprise mobility with the ability to support mission critical communications by monitoring user experience on the wireless network and providing call performance metrics to ensure optimal connectivity. AMIE provides organizations with clear visibility into the performance of our products to help support and maintain these vital assets and the critical business applications running on them.


If you have questions or wish to discuss how AMiE can benefit you, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

COBS adds a virtual IP-DECT Server to the portfolio


Traditionally, DECT servers are an additional piece of hardware that must be included in any DECT mobility deployment. However, COBS has just released a unique software-only virtual IP-DECT server. The virtual-DECT server enables greater flexibility and scalability for DECT deployments, increases efficiency and reduces costs. 

Four benefits of a virtual IP-DECT Server

1. Single Common Point of Control for Multisite Enterprises

Centralizing virtual IP-DECT mobility networks provides a single common point of control that conforms to enterprise IT security standards and can be centrally configured, managed, and monitored for a reliable and future-proof network solution. Our new Virtual-DECT solution features a fast and secure web portal for administration, configuration and maintenance making it simpler than ever to manage large DECT deployment across multiple locations.

2. Quick, Virtual Installation
Software-only IP-DECT servers enable fast, virtual installation, can be deployed as a virtual appliance on existing hypervisor environments. This eliminates the need for separate hardware platforms, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

3. Easily Scale DECT Deployments
The introduction of virtual IP-DECT servers significantly improves the scalability of DECT mobility deployments, now enabling projects in multi building campuses with up to 100,000 users. As a result, large distributed enterprises can finally realize the benefits of simplified DECT deployments.

4. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
COBS virtual-DECT Server seamlessly integrates with all major UC/UCaaS SIP call control platforms and third-party applications without requiring advanced integration project saving time and reducing costs. The introduction of the virtual IP-DECT server responds specifically to the needs of enterprises that are consolidating their IT environments and enables businesses to scale their mobile networks without changing their existing hardware or security policies.

To learn more about the new Virtual-DECT Server, contact us to discuss how a virtual DECT server can save time and costs in your business.

Safe Zone - in collaboration with ParCom  

Imagine working in a risk exposed environment. For example, in a prison, psychiatric care facility or perhaps alone at a manufacturing site. In these environments, there is often a strong need to divide the working environment into safety zones, due to risk levels, such as safe office zones and less safe zones (e.g. patrol routes) where there may be a risk of assault, exposure to violence or being left hurt in a lone working situation.  

At COBS, we have developed a functionality that enables the wireless locationing system to be divided into safe and unsafe security zones. Automatic alarms will only trigger from a device when it’s located within pre-defined unsafe zones where, for example, a person:  

  • has fallen or dropped the device  
  • has been assaulted and is lying still for a certain period of time  
  • is running  
  • has the device stolen or pulled away. 

The back-up team will automatically receive a location of the triggered alarm for immediate locationing and support. COBS was able to develop this solution in record time based on end customer requirements and excellent collaboration with our partner ParCom Systems AG. 

Do you work in a risk exposed work environment and want to create a safe workplace through reliable and secure communication?  We are happy to assist you with our solutions.  

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