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Future-proofing Sweden's oldest hotel with a smart solution from COBS

Hotell ContinentalWhen Hotel Continental du Sud needed to install a new communication system, they chose a SMART 1 solution from COBS. The SMART 1 has everything from a modern telephone exchange to smart functions with internal communication and alarms. In addition, staff can easily control all the systems in the hotel using an android app.

- This new system provides both our guests and staff with a higher level of security, says Martin Jönsson, who runs the Hotel Continental du Sud.

Sweden's oldest hotel is called Hotel Continental du Sud and is located in central Ystad. After completely renovating the hotel up to four-star standard, the team wanted to go the extra mile. They started looking for a new switchboard to replace the existing one which was old and lacked modern functionality.

– We had no telephone queue, or a way to call people back when they rang and the phoneline was busy. This made us lose opportunities because people couldn’t reach us. With the new system from COBS, we can now enjoy these functions and so much more, says Martin Jönsson.

Increased security for guests and staff

The SMART 1 solution from COBS also includes internal communication features including smartphone, mobile, units for the staff and assault alarms. Internally, the system can be used both to increase service to guests, by summoning staff during a rush, and also to call for security if needed.

– As an employer it feels great to be able to give our employees extra security. The new system is also connected to the emergency alarms in the rooms, so the alerts go off on the staff units. This means we can find the guest who needs help quickly, says Martin Jönsson.

A hybrid that suits a modern and historical hotel

What made Hotel Continental du Sud choose COBS was the overall solution. It is a classic hotel, so it was appealing to be able to keep traditional guest telephones in the rooms with a direct connection to the reception, but the old handsets with cords have been replaced by wireless devices to increase the comfort of the guests. In addition, the staff's wireless smartphone-like devices support the app that controls the hotel's system.

– This system is like a hybrid between the classic and the modern, which suits us perfectly. We are an old city hotel so we want to keep that feeling, but at the same time we want to embrace the technology of the future, says Martin Jönsson.

Easy installation of a Swedish solution

The installation itself took only a few days, and, since it was made during low season, it went smoothly without any major interruptions to hotel operations. Everything has gone according to plan with only a few minor adjustments remaining. Hotel Continental du Sud is among the first to install the SMART 1 system and Martin Jönsson says that it feels exciting to be part of driving innovation in the hospitality industry.

– We are very happy with the help we have received. We are in the process of building another hotel, where we also will install this system from COBS, concludes Martin Jönsson.

Why SMART1 is unique

smart1 pushtotalk

How to use PTT

Did you know that the little Yellow button actually is a powerfull feature that can make you heard in all connected SMART1 devices instantly. Have you ever heard the communication in a airport for instance, they just push the button and every mobile radio that is listening to that channel gets the message. This is the same! It is possible to have all connected SMART1 in one large group, or you can have them configured in multiple groups. You can even choose with a dubble press on the Yellow button what group you would like to transmit to.


care 7 contacts

Precise location detection

SMART1 has always precise location detection built in. Together with our powerful and precise location beacons you can get very precis location detection in almost any building. Precise enough for prisons and flexible enough for healthcare does it fit in almost any environment.

Always updated contacts

Did you know that a SMART1 always updates the contact book from the SMART Manager? We can make sure your contacts are always updated and always the same in all SMART1 phones. We can actually diffrentiate them into groups as well if you like.


COBS News June 2018


Summer Holidays coming up!

Soon it's time for Summer Holidays! Please notice that our delivery department will be closed from 16/7 to 27/7. Place your order as soon as you can to make sure it gets to you on time :)



First company to choose SMART1 for off shore installations.

When Rederi AB Eckerö wanted to increase the safety and the communication onboard their cruise ship M/S Birka, their choice fell on the SMART1. With the help from Zenitel, the ship now has a future-proof, wireless alarm and telephony platform.


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 guards ptt

New SMART1 features released

Push to Talk (PTT) is the fastest and most time saving method of spreading your word to your team. The feature is finally released!

Chat with your colleagues, sometime is chat the best way to communicate, now finally introduced in the SMART1 as it should be in a modern communication device.



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CMS On-Guard integration!

Lenel On-Guard is an open security management platform. COBS has now developed a software "plug in" for the On-Guard system.

The main purpose is to enable functionality for On-Guard to receive and present detailed information from connected COBS devices.

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