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The SMART1 just got a little smarter (and it will get even smarter!)

 Our DECT smartphone, the SMART1, has many unique advantages and is used by customers who require a defined radio coverage and reliable on-site voice, messaging and alarm connectivity. These customers operate in industries such as marine, security institutions, hotel and hospitality and elderly care.SMART1 Android ver.5

 SMART1 is appreciated for its user-friendly and content-rich user interface and see precise location functionality as an essential feature for the backup team to locate a colleague in distress. This is where the SMART1 platform from COBS provides an outstanding communication solution.

We recently made a few generic improvements and further developed the Push-To-Talk (PTT), locationing and messaging service to the platform.

“Our DECT platform, including SMART1 is used in risk-exposed environments where reliability on the wireless network and connected handsets is critical to the user. It's important that we are constantly looking for improvements to create a safer work environment for our users," says Mikael Hamlin, developer at COBS.

We continue to extend the SMART1 software in order to further satisfy our customers' expectations for the platform.

Keep an eye out for updates!

COBS is set for growth and further strengthens its organization with a new CTO

Claes Seth, recently named Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at COBS AB brings more than 20 years of experience in software development for wireless, mission critical and personal security solutions. In addition to working in Sweden, Claes has been based in the US and the Netherlands for more than 12 years and has held several management positions within R&D, including managing development teams abroad.

"I am very happy for the opportunity to join COBS. I am looking forward to working with the team to further develop the wireless products and improve an already strong product portfolio," says Claes.

His in-depth knowledge in radio technologies, hardware and system software design combined with work experience in elderly care and healthcare will further strengthen COBS’ ability to provide reliable products fit for our customers' needs.

COBS is set to further improve its product portfolio mix and launch a set of new products and features for secure wireless communication solutions within the next few months. We aim to improve support to our valued existing customers with solutions that stand out from the rest of the market.

“We have recently strengthened our service, support and sales teams and I look forward to having Claes become an integral part of our team at COBS, helping to coordinate and drive our product strategy in close cooperation with our suppliers and own development teams,” says Staffan Örnbratt, CEO of COBS AB.


Sören Erlandsson, who has served as CEO for over 10 years, has now chosen to leave COBS from the 1st of November, followed by The Lagercrantz Group having appointed Staffan Örnbratt to become the next CEO of the company. Staffan will start by the 1st of November.

staffan ornbrattStaffan is a seasoned leader in marketing, product management and business development. His most recent post was Marketing and Sales Director at SAAB Public Safety & Security, where he was able to utilize his expertise in mission critical communication systems. The bulk of Staffan’s experience lies in his numerous leadership roles from product management to marketing and sales at Ascom over the course of 18 years where he also developed solution sales in Europe, North America, MEA and Asia.

Lagercrantz has been actively seeking the ideal candidate for the assignment as CEO of COBS, and with great pleasure, "We are pleased to announce the recruitment of Staffan, who has the industry experience to take this company to the next level," says Daniel Reithner, VP Communications at Lagercrantz Group AB.

“I’m happy to have been given the opportunity to work with an exciting new team and develop the COBS’ business further. With the company’s existing knowledge, strong product portfolio and reliable mobility solutions for increased safety, security and efficiency, there is great potential for the company to become even stronger. I am looking forward to meeting customers and partners, both new and existing, to develop the business in both the Nordic and global markets,” explains Staffan, who will assume the position of CEO on the 1st of November. 



COBS AB is a part of Lagercrantz Group (STO:LAGR). The Company has over 40 years of experience and is specialized in alarms and communication solutions, with the purpose of protecting people working in exposed environments. High security, uptime and availability make the products perfect for businesses that require stable and well-proven technology. The solutions provided by COBS have flexibility and scalability, based on open concepts for maximum integration possibilities with other systems, resulting in both increased security and efficiency in more workplaces.

Lagercrantz is a B2B value-creating technology group offering proprietary products and products from leading suppliers. The group consists of some 50 companies, each focusing on adding value in niches, i.e. offering specific technologies, to specific customers in specific markets.


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Lagercrantz is a technology group that offers world-leading, value-creating technology, using either proprietary products or products from leading suppliers.

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