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An android based wireless telephone for on-premises use. Built in top-display and precise indoor location services.

If you want to work smart but do not want to rely on indoor mobile coverage.

SMART1 is a smart onsite phone with a 4" touch screen designed for indoor use in buildings or solutiions where dependancy of mobile networks is not good enough. SMART1 use of the congestion free 1880-1900MHz band designed for critical communications in onsite/indoor environments. SMART1 is developed for some specific vertical nisches where time is critical in urgent situations.

SMART1 is shockproof, rugged, and includes loads of smart features for these vertical markets.

Some of the SMART1 features:

  • Top display for displaying alarms and messages without the need to pick up the phone
  • High Defintion (HD) Audio (40-7000 Hz)
  • DECT kryptering enligt EN 300 444 och EN 300 700
  • Fixed clip for easy and safe carrying
  • Rubber grip to avoid drops
  • Dedicated Alarm/Emergency button and precise indoor location
  • Push to talk for quick, fast and easy direct communication.
  • Easy removable battery and separate charger
  • Multi Charger (table and wall mounting)
  • Precise Indoor Positioning via RFID, NFC, BLE or DECT, WiFi
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) included for applications such as rough indoor location, lock control or IoT connection.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) for presence, access control.
  • Easy clean
  • Physical keypad for on/off hook and menu options
Item number 9050002

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