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wireless communication for doctors and nurses

Our solutions are used in hospitals, elderly care facilities and psychiatric clinics all over Europe.
We make everyday more efficient, enjoyable and safer!
Time is critical - our products and applications ensure the right information is sent to the right person at the right time.

A Doctor and Nurse's Best Friend

Doctors and nurses are indispensable to society. For that reason, a healthcare professional’s mission to improve the quality of life should be supported by only the best technology. This is precisely why it is our mission to make their workload easier and less stressful throughout their shifts.

Nurse Call System Integration

Our solutions integrate with most well-known nurse call systems over flexible and standardized interfaces.

The essence of the integration is almost always to increase efficiency. The result is more freedom and flexibility for nurses and doctors and a shorter response time for patients.

Freedom of Wireless

Patients and caregivers all over Europe are benefitting from the freedom to sound an alarm no matter where they are in the building.

Our alarm transmitters keep track of where they are and report location when ever they are activated. They can even report when someone is at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Battery life for years, water proof and easy to change.


Using productive tools, such as apps, video calls and alarm integration, enhances your working day. 

Respond to alarms, open doors, and have visual contact before you let someone in, are all possibilities with our solutions. Get e-mails, notifications from sensors or turn on the lights. The possibilities are endless. 

Increased security

Thanks to smart locationing features, you can keep track of where your patients and staff are located. Our technology is based on proven and reliable, state-of-the-art active RFID.

Clear, colored graphics provide a quick and easy view of any situation. Alerts can be grouped by colour with the most important at the top. Speed, accuracy and control are the watchwords of this solution.

more time for care

Today, there are numerous administrative tasks added to the workload of people working in this sector. We want endeavor to have employees spend more time on human interaction and less time in front of the computer. Having the ability to perform these important tasks automatically makes life easier and more efficient.

The SMART1 hardware is at the core of our commitment and dedication and is tailored to the critical needs of healthcare. Top display to show the most urgent notifications, alarm button to ensure safety of all staff and apps of your choice, are just a few of the highlights of this solution.

always reachable

Make and receive telephony calls. Reach your colleagues with a single push “assistance call”.  Improve your team communication and reduce response times with an integrated walkie talkie. See the most urgent information in the top display, without the need for interaction. Receive text messages automatically from any connected system. The possibilities are endless.

system integration

Our phones can be used in combination with a nurse call system or elderly-care solution. Each alarm is sent directly to the right person. If unanswered, the alarm escalates to another group or to another phone.

the healthcare environment

Many of our products are designed to work around the clock and specially developed for nurses and caregivers. The phones are drop tested and work no matter what happens with the mobile network operators systems. DECT is a cost effective communication solution, used to connect different departments easily, without the reliance of mobile phones. Full two-way speech communication, text and data messaging and more...

Do you need a new system for alarms and communication? We can help you find the right solution.

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