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make your Hotel a safer and happier place with wireless security

- you can make your staff feel more secure
- increase productivity
- even make work a bit more fun
- and maybe even make your customers feel that you have done it all, for them...

Our solutions take care of your staff. We provide them with the comfort and security they need to be as productive as possible. Safe people are happier, more productive and creates in the end more value and more customer satifsfaction.

World class experience

We keep your staff safe and connected with your guests.

Our technology helps you manage your hotel more efficient. We improve your guest experience in many aspects at the same time as we keep your staff safe and connected.

Wireless & only for work

Smart & modern wireless communication throughout the building.

We provide more time for staff and add value to your business by productive apps with vital information. Use the built in walkie-talkie adds a new layer of fast communcation.

Staff protection

Where, when and who in that order is the most important information in case of distress situation, we know them all.

In distress situations is it more important where the alarm is triggered. Your staff security is our first priority.

System integration

We connect you, your investment and we make your business run smother.

We provide solutions based on open standards such as http, sip, web, serial, modbus among others. Get more out of your investments - connect systems together, with ease.

safe at work

If staff security is essential, then you will love our solutions. There is nothing like the sense of feeling secure, with our solutions you carry the personal alarm button always with you. You do not need to remember a special device, the alarm button is always there on your phone.

service minded

Service minded - both for guests and for employees. Improve housekeeping response time and make the work more intuitive. Report room status via an app or help the housekeeping feel more secure by precise location when they are in distress situations.

always reachable

Make and receive telephony calls, improve your team communication and reduce response times with integrated walkie talkie. Watch who is at the front door before letting them in. Receive text messages on the fly from any connected system. Everything is possible.

critical alarms

The majority of our installed base has an integration to a fire alarm system. It´s just one of those things eveyone understands. If you get the alarm directly in the palm of your hand, with precise information of what to do, might save a life, or maybe help you to avoid an evacuation of your building.

Cloud, virtual or onsite

How would you prefer your telephony solution?

- Cloud. Modern, no maintenance and less responsibility. Dependency on internet connection
- Dedicated virtual server. Great choice when you are in total control of your server parm and have inhouse IT department
- Onsite. 99,999% availability and reliability.

Your choice, your decision, we have them all!

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