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re-defines wireless communication at sea

Our tools make communication among staff seamless and easier than ever.
Add efficiency through android apps, send messages, chat with colleagues and find out where they are in case of emergency.

Our solutions make your communication both fun and efficient again.

Built-in Advantages

Two-way pager, alarm transmitter and walkie talkie—all in one device. Enhance your experience with android apps and boost efficiency among your staff at the same time.


PBX integration via SIP, centralized contact lists, HD voice calls, Android and Walkie Talkie features built into the most modern handset available.

Critical Alarms

Fire alarms, sprinkler and machine alarms. Our messaging server integrates with most hardware solutions via multiple interfaces. Available in dedicated hardware or as a virtual server, the choice is yours.

Staff Protection

Make sure your staff is always protected. Our solutions provide precise location, paging functionality and the industry's fastest secure messaging. This ensures value for money. 

safe at work

If staff security is essential, then our solutions are the ideal choice. There is nothing like the sense of feeling secure. With our solutions, do not need to remember to carry a special device. The personal alarm button is always there on your phone.


Keep up with the competition. Improve housekeeping response time and make applications user-friendly. Report tasks and audit trails via an app or simply document concerns automatically with the camera. Take advantage of a whole host of possibilities.

always reachable

Communicate with your colleagues freely and rapidly with improved team communication and reduced response times. Add the effective walkie talkie functionality to reach out to large groups. Receive text messages automatically from any connected system. 


At sea fire prevention is critical to safety. Our industry-leading user interface alerts a user, giving a clear indication of what the current situation is.

the marine environment

Our wireless technology is, in many ways, the perfect fit for offshore installations. Fast, secure and always reachable is critical in this environment.
To build a communication solution that works trouble-free within a ship built of steel is demanding. Being able to fine-tune and perfect such a solution is the result of many years experience.
Are you looking for a communication solution within the marine segment? Give us a call or fill out the form, and we'll get back to you!

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