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A SMARTer and safer Solution for on-site wireless communication

The world's most modern, wireless telephone system designed for critical communication on-premises and in buildings. The majority of our customers do not want to be dependent and relying on a public cellular system. That is why we have designed the SMART system.


Voice, video, intercom, text pager, walkie-talkie - all in one. The combination of technologies makes SMART1 a powerful tool.
Empower your staff to make the best out of the situation at all times with SMART1

Dedicated infrastructure

A modern & flexible system. Trust your solution. Dedicated for voice and alarms combined with WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC for their original purpose.  Dedicated frequencies and channels for voice & alarms - high security and minimum interuption.

Smart applications

SMART1 is completely open for integration on an app level thanks to its native Android platform.
To further extend the possibilities of system integration our messaging platfrom the CMS provides open interfaces such as OIP, the XML -based interface.

Built to protect & serve

SMART1 is all the benefits with Android and apps, but in with the stability of a dedicated device for personal security. Our mantra is that personal security is nothing that you play easy with.
We protect you staff, in buildings. 

personal security

Alarm button. With built in precise location technology the alarm button will keep your staff safe in distress situations.

Top Display. Without having to touch the SMART1 device, it will keep you posted with the most urgent notifications.

lone worker protection

Personal alarm with precise positioning helps to reduce response time in urgent situations. Knowing the location of staff helps to increase security.

Clear, coloured graphics provide a quick and easy view of any situation. Alerts can be grouped by colour with the most important at the top.

always reachable

The SMART solution both connects to your local network and to  wifi if you like. DECT is tried and tested, a cost effective communication solution, without the reliance of internet connection.

smart integrations

The SMART1 has a familiar interface, touch screen and intuitive usage. In addition you can integrate alarms, notifications, e-mail, voice calls, building management, fire alarms, nurse call systems or any other system.

the SMART solution

SMART1 protects a company's most valuable asset, the employees. A safe and secure solution that does not rely on 3rd party infrastructure for operations. SMART1 is a work tool that is shared by multiple users every day, and it only works at work!

Would you like to find out more about the SMART1 and how it could help you to create a safer work environment? Contact us today!
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