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Staff security

Our technology protects and secures all employees working in buildings.

Do you work in an environment where threats and violence can occur? Then you need a technical solution that allows your colleagues to quickly and easily identify where in the building you are if you need help.

Robust and durable

High security facilities all over Europe relies on our staff protection solutions. Precise location, man down, colour coded alarms and fast and reliable alarms.

Our most widely installed and deployed solution with a robust and neat package for high security customers.

Precise location in every sense

Not all customers have the same needs. We have different hardware all with precise location built into it.

DECT phones, SMART phones, alarm buttons and pagers all with one purpose, to keep you safe. The choice however is yours.

Robust hardware

Alarm and messaging solutions that runs on dedicated appliances means uptime way beyond normal.

We have solutions that has been installed 15+ years ago and still runs without a question asked. No fans, no hard disks and no movable parts ensures durability.


Our solutions cover integrations to a wide variety of platforms such as Lenel, Pacom, Integral and others.

We are strong supporters of open interfaces and standards such as SIP, XML and IP in general but we do also do serial interfaces for those how prefer that.

for optimal safety

Our technology keeps track of where the employees are in indoor environments and presents it graphically in case something happens. We use exact indoor positioning utilizing RFID technology with very precise installations.

Automatic alarms

Our phones can alarm at given positions as a reminder, and they can send an alarm if you fall or if your normal movement patterns are changed. Furthermore, you can press the red alarm button and call for help at any time.

Being able to quickly receive information is often the key to make the right decisions at the right time.

always reachable

It is crucial to be able to receive detailed alarm information and to always have the ability to communicate with the outside world. 

Our technology solutions will help to keep in touch with colleagues, to alert if needed, or to obtain a continuous monitoring of the really critical applications.

when time is crucial

To decrease response time we have developed an integrated and unique graphical interface that through icons and colors clearly indicates the type of alarm received and the action to be taken.

Our alarm system is designed with both redundancy and failover. COBS Message Server (CMS) makes sure that alarms and messages are sent and delivered in a secure way.

Safe & secure workplaces

Our products are designed with smart details and features to increase safety for people working in environments where there may be threats or violence. 

Our solutions are easy to integrate to other systems such as IP-PBX, intercom solutions, fire alarms and video monitoring.

Do you want to create a more secure workplace? Let us help you find the right solution..
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