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COBS’ Support and Service Department is actively working with preventive actions, support, service and trouble-shooting for our customers and partners.

All our customers have the right to ask for our support and are welcome to call us when in need. Our ambition is to be extremely customer oriented. However, we must give service and support priority to those customers who have chosen to sign a service agreement with us. Their phones will be prioritized.

The Support Department can be reached daytime between 08.00-17.00 Monday to Friday, by phone at +46-31 33 33 844 or by e-mail at, support [a]cobs.se (except during weekends). Please see contact for more information. 

Our Service Department is dedicated to servinge our customers' phones. Our phones are designed to be durable and robust and should be able to stand tough handling. However, on occasion, they do break. If this happens, please get in contact with your supplier locally in your country for more direct information on how the phones will be handled in your case.

Once the telephones are received in our facilities, they are handled by our trained staff. The service department strives to provide our customers with quick and effective service and feedback. To ensure this, always attach an detailed description of the failure with your device. This allows us to expedite your case more efficiently. If you want to get in direct contact with our service department, please send a mail to service[a]cobs.se

Basic rules for portable part/handset service:

  • We always do repairs as quickly as we can, with top quality.
  • Our repairs always come with a 3-month warranty, regarding any upcoming related errors after a repair.
  • We always re-condition the phones so they are clean and presentable when we send them back. This may mean that we replace plastic details that are cracked or defect to be able to send the phone back to you in the best possible condition. If you don't want your phone to be re-conditioned, please let us know when filling the service note.
  • If you know that the phone has been dropped into the sink or toilet, or has been in contact with water or other fluid, there is no point in sending it to us. We cannot repair it with warranty anyway.
  • We reserve the right to deny service on a phone if the condition is too poor or if the phone is too old.
  • Usually, we repair all phones not older than 5 years.


Basic rules for fixed part service:

We repair and service all equipment that arrives at our Service Department with the following basic rules:

  • Equipment cannot have been manufactured more than 5 years ago
  • Equipment with obvious external damages are not usually repaired
  • Lightning damaged equipment is never repaired

If you would like to have a cost estimate before the repair, please clearly state this on your service form. The cost estimation is not free of charge.

Always check with your supplier before you send us the phone. They may have other rules.



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